Horses & The Track


Cold Treat on Hot Day

Ansel In Winner's Circle

Ansel at Royal Ascott

Misty at Old Dominion 100

Jbird at LBL

Flying Low in the Fog

Out of the Fog

Foggy Workout

They're Off

Bringing it Home

Easy Morning Work

Bath Time

Stretch Training

The Vet

Easy Gallop

Working Together

Parallel Back

Betting Buddah 

Whoa With Me - I Lost the Rent

Who Goes There

Number Four in the Forth

Let Me Tell You - He's a Jerk

Yo Dude - Who You Looking At

To The Lead

The Spread

Thread the Needle

Up and Over

Need a New One

After Morning Work

Shed Row

Pony Time

Getting Ready for the Next Race

Man, What a Bad Day

Talking up the Babe

I Just Won

Easy Big Girl

I Was Fouled


A Beer and a Dog


Jokey Up

Beautiful Day in Paradise

TPD Winners' Circle

At the Line

Basic Training

Baby's First

Because's First Jump


Who'd You Like

Baby Day


Nags Everyone

Into the Post Parade

Meanwhile at the Bar

The Paddock 

Post Race

Family Outing

Coming Back for the Next Race

Goose Island Please


Old Goats

Now Who Do I Like


Broken Symetry

Into the Winner's Circle


Gooood Popcorn

Codgers Hanging Out

Dudes Gather Round

Next Up

Fashion Day

Hey Look, You Won

Time to Bail

Pretty Girl