The West


Wild Horse Loop

High Plains

Coming In

Sunrise on the Grand

Headed Out

Gross Ventre


Flowing to the Snake

Morning Roundup

Brooks Lake

Flowing to the Wind

Mato Tipila


Across the Badlands

A River Runs Through

A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow

Coming Home

Mormon Barn

Sunset after the Storm

Mist over the Snake

Cattle Drive

Morning on the Green

Headed Back

The Fire Below


On Top

Break Time

The Gang


Aspen at Sunrise

The King Stands Tall

The Flattops

Colorado High Country

Mount Bierstadt Colorado

Old Train

Across the Fruited Plains

The Wall

Square Top

Pronghorn Country

Chasing the Stragglers 

Bringling in the Straggers

Dried up Creek

Across the Field

Over The Falls

Roaring To The Sea

After the Rain

Morning Rising

Morning in Badlands

Across the Badlands

Shell Falls - Early Morning Mist

Shell Canyon



Above Treeline in Bighorns

On Top of Bighorns

Across Bighorn River

Hot Spring

Sunrise on Brooks Lake

Sunup on the Bluff

No Hour Wasted Spent on a Horse

Looking for the Herd

Clearing Storm

High Desert

Through the Ears of a Horse

Gros Ventre

Heading Out

Fossile Wall

Sand Dunes in Storm

Pulling Out

River Crossing

Which Way